Jon Boyes, Spanish & Classical guitarist. Flamenco and latin music for weddings, parties and corporate functions

Jon took up the guitar in his early teens and has been a keen player for thirty years. Just a few years after taking up the instrument he was giving solo performances in public and since then he has played a variety of music, both solo and in bands, to audiences across the UK.

After many years of playing rock and pop, Jon began studying the classical guitar under the tutelage of Malcolm McKiver and Steve Gordon. Jon has a grade 8 in classical guitar and is currently studying flamenco guitar with Ricardo Marlow.

Always drawn to the Spanish repertoire, Jon soon discovered a passion for flamenco and began accompanying flamenco dance classes, eventually giving performances with professional dancer Mercedes Romero as part of the ensemble Flamenco Vivo.

Now with a repertoire that covers Classical, South American and Flamenco music, Jon is a true devotee of the Spanish guitar in all its incarnations. From solo guitar classics like Cavatina and Classical Gas to the laid back Mediterranean rumbas of the Gipsy Kings, Jon's repertoire includes some of the most popular and romantic guitar on record. Add to this a smattering of flamenco, plus his own arrangements of music by Sting and Dire Straits, and you have an entertaining and varied mix of Spanish guitar music.

Yet despite drawing on a wide range of influences, Jon still manages to come up with a trademark sound of his own and he is now one of the most sought after guitarists for weddings, corporate events and other functions in the South West.

Jon also writes his own music, drawing on traditional Latin American and Flamenco melodies for inspiration. His eagerly awaited debut CD 'Haçienda' is available for purchase.

As well as playing solo, Jon can be seen performing with Mark Barnwell as part of Flamenco/Latin guitar duo Esperanto. Their debut CD 'Ida y Vuelta' was released in Spring 2013 and they are currently touring to promote it.

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